Coach Rod Payne incorporates his Professional athletics program and transforms it to become your own personal workout curriculum.
You can access it anywhere; use it any time, guiding you to the correct form every exercise.
As a life college All-American and world champion athlete, Rod has seen and been coached through thousands of training, strength, rehabilitation and conditioning programs.
University of Michigan boasts one of the nations leading kinesiology departments in the world! While attaining his degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan, Payne would later find his formal education instrumental in accessing the effectiveness of workout programs and methods across the nation.
But not before achieving accolades such as team captain and MVP and the #1 center drafted in the 1997 NFL draft!
Before retiring as a result of injuries a few years later as a member of the 2000 NFL Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Revens, Payne was often called upon by teammates and coaches to add his education and experience, to help players get stronger, leaner and 'more knowledgeable about their bodies!'
"A huge light came on when I was pulled aside by a well known strength coach and asked about some of the techniques I'd learned in college... I knew then I was ahead of the game."
After retiring with a brief stint in sports broadcasting. Payne would again turn his attention to the athlete, this time as COACH PAYNE!
As a consultant CoachPayne has worked with clients ranging from professional athletes to Fortune 500 executives, military & law enforcement, fitness models and many more.
With a deep passion for the science of the human body and how it can be improved through training... a mission was born! "To coach every human to achieve their physical potential!"
The Payne Coaching Platform also recognizes that INJURIES & LIMITATIONS are an everyday occurrence.
Physical Injuries and limitations play havoc on any active lifestyle. Often we find that injuries suffered while training could have almost ALWAYS been avoided with proper form.
We, first and foremost suggest consulting a physician when dealing with injuries of a severe nature. But the Payne Coaching Platform's MediCoach will help you eliminate injuries as a result of poor form through posture, technique and corrective exercises!
Whether you're a retired athlete or a weekend warrior injuries are a part of life. See how professional athletes get their health and game back in action.
Rod, with the help of a few friends, has created a platform of exercise that will change your life, and take you to that next level whatever that means to you personally.
The platform is under development so come back soon to see a plethora of video content that you can choose individually to customize your own workout depending on your requirements.